Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Commission: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom (MG) ver. krescenhaze WIP 1

Oh hello there.

This will be my first commission. This should be only OOTB, but I need to delay the painting process and do it in summer. In return, I asked the client if I can do some minor details and modification and will be free of charge.

So I got this built already and the client broke it's V-FIN as well. The client told me that it has still a lot of nub marks and needs trimming. Oh well, let's do the preliminaries. 

I did some modification on the backpack, makes it an RG PG feel

So I guess this will be the final pose once I finish this guy. It just needs some adjustments on the shoulder & arms position and on the handling on the gun. 

So far, that's all for now. I will try to do some trimmings, and my greatest love of all, Panel Lining. -_-

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