Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIP 1 - MSA - 0011 S-Gundam MG

Hello guys!

This will be my first time to post a WIP in my stagnant blog.

MSA - 0011 S-Gundam MG
photos are from dalong.net

This will be my third kit and my entry kit as well for the MAC 2012 Mecha Contest. I started working on it last February instead of January, hihi. I did three updates already on MAC Forums, but haven't posted it here in my blog. Maybe I'll just do a WIP update here once a month...

Actually, I want to mod/detail an EX-S MG. But after months of planning on how will I execute it, the result is zero. I don't know on what concept will I put on him since there many great EX-S kits already in the net. Out of the blue, I thought of doing the opposite? BULKY - MONSTROUS? hmmmm..... 

Lets try to make a little SLIMMER and more AGILE in form... 

So here is my progress so far. The concept is to make it, again, slimmer and agile. 

Here's what I've done so far:

1. remove some armor parts
2. exposure of some internals
3. koto detailing
4. SB the heel/foot part
5. head extension
6. panel lining

- pla-plates will be added later
- still needs clean up though, can't do it for the meantime

- the feet is still not finished, need to SB another part at the back

- I am still looking for the manipulators, I used the Hi-Nu's manipulators for the meantime.

HEAD, CHEST and over-all look
- extended it by 2mm

Anyway, that's all for now.... till my next update.... :)

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