Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sentinel primed!

Nah, this is not Sentinel Prime, but it turned to be a transformer wanna-be.

Summer is here and I have managed to prime this kit. At first, I have my doubts on priming this since; I will be using again an Industrial Primer, BOSNY PRIMER GRAY.

photo courtesy from Don Carlo Suratos

When I first used it almost three (3) years ago, it was a disaster. I didn’t achieve a smooth finish, rather a rough finish. Though it was not that obvious on the pictures, I felt embarrassed then whenever other people wanted to see my finished kit in close-up. But luckily, I still won a place by that time in the New Challenger category.

So after that, I tried to avoid using it. So I primed my FA Unicorn last 2011 using Bonsy Flat Black and Fluorescent White, in which they are so noob friendly. And I loved the results; it produced thin coats; in a way you thought they are base primers as well.

So right now I've used B. Primer Gray again, and I was surprised on the result. They were thin, and smooth. I was happy maybe that I got the right “press and distance” between the part and can. Anyway let the pictures do the talking…

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