Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That's all folks? It should be...

WIP 3 - MSA - 0011 S-Gundam MG

Its been an on-and-off WIP and more off a hiatus side of mine. No work and all rest. Is this a sign of aging? Hahaha! All the mods and details were done at the last quarter of year 2012, but I have been lazy to do a blog post and a decent photoshoot.

Honestly, I had many plans/concepts on this S, always brainstorming, which resulted of being a slowpoke on this project. Every month there is something that I want to incorporate with the concept that I have planned and executed already. But I guess less is more is the best and safest decision to do. 

I don't know why I am thinking all of these, wherein this is not the last kit I will do. Will I? I guess it isn't. There are still many kits out there to be released; not just to be released, but to be modded and detailed as well. Anyway, enough of the talking, this will be the last WIP photos, the next one should be a finished kit. 

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