Sunday, October 13, 2013

GO BIG or GO HOME - GBWC 2013 Philippines Awarding...

So it comes to an end.

We have our Champion. The Philippines is ready to go all-out for the World Championship on December. Without further ado, I present to you our CHAMPION.

Micheal Costa aka. BULASTOG
GBWC 2013 Philippines Open Category Champion

This guy was also our GBWC 2011 Philippines Open Category Champion. His entry by that time was the 1/60 FORCE IMPULSE converted in to 1/60 BUSTER GUNDAM. This year, his base kit was SAZABI MG that turned into a BEAST. Various parts were added on it (I see some Quebley parts) and they are too many to mention.

For our First (1st) Runner Up.

GBWC 2013 Philippines Open Category - 1st Runner Up

I didn't have the time to talk with him during the submission. Well at least, we had our conversation when we are on the podium, hehe. Last Friday, on the first day of submission, there are 11 entries already in the OPEN CATEGORY. And I believe that if there the judging started on that day, this will be at the TOP. 

For our 2nd Runner Up or our 3rd placer, I got lucky that I was chosen.

ADRIAN SICAT aka. krescenhaze
GBWC 2013 Philippines Open Category - 2nd Runner Up

The base kit was MG EX-S then removed some parts to made it slimmer and make it a melee type with the use 007S MG weapons.

And for the consolation place in no particular order.

MG Rezel

GIAN PAOLO PAPARO aka "gianshopao"
MG Sinanju Stein

MG Zeta Gundam

HG Hazel Gundam

MG Aile Strike Gundam RM.

For our New Challenger Champion

AMIR CORPUS aka "amir_antiyosi"
GBWC 2013 Philippines New Challenger Champion
credits to Kevin Crisostomo for the picture.

For our Junior Open Category Champion

So, that's all folks. This year was greater compared to last year. My fellow kabayans have adjusted on the NO RECEIPT NO ENTRY policy. And the skills have stepped up again. See you again next year guys!  

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