Monday, October 28, 2013

snap built - MG RX 78-2 ver 2.0

What's new on a Holiday?

As usual, I had a super benign duty at work today and I managed to snap build this RX-78 ver 2.0. This was one of the prizes I got in the last GBWC 2013 in which I wished that they should have gave me the ver 3.0, since they have the same price after all. But at the end of the shift, I guess that this is more helpful to me.

All of my past builds, I intended to put so much details (pla-plates, koto-parts, SB, etc). But one thing was missing. Panel-lines... Of the three (3) builds I had, panel lines was the last resort, if I do not know what to put on the armor, oh well... let's do paneling.

So for my fourth build, I will focus on panel lines. I will use the RX 78-2 ver. 3.0 or the One Year War ver. as my reference. So stay tuned!

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