Thursday, August 21, 2014



This will be my next kit after my S-Gundam MG. There will be a lot of modifications and scratch building for this kit. And what's worst is I don't have the luxury of time compared to my S Gundam. Hence, I believe I will finish this before the 2015 year end.
This will be a Gerbera Tetra Kai inspired by G System. I will use the Sinanju MG as my base kit. Although I still prefer to use the Kampfer, Sinanju has the height advantage.

The selling point of GTK is its backpack. And here's my plan on how to do it.

2 more pairs of Sinanju MG backpack
1 pair Rezel Defender Type C tailbinder
2 pcs of Age-1 HG shields

My approach on this kit is to establish the base kit first with all the necessary modifications. There will be no adding of details in the meantime, just pure modification. It will look boring of course. But if you want to do a holistic approach on detailing, this is a much better idea, especially on pane lining.

So for now, I will start on the chest. This is difficult from my end since I am not good at copying. And what makes it more difficult is the chest has a spherical shape. Let's see what will happen on the succeeding WIPs.



  1. Anothet master at work i will be following this work in progress as refetence and hope to acquire the same skills in the future :)


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