Sunday, October 14, 2012

Destination: JAPAN (GBWC PHL 2012)

custom work of Aresteo Saavedra Jr. - GBWC 2012 PHL Champion

Hello guys! We are just in the month of October, but the GBWC Regional Finals have ended already here in the Philippines. The awarding ceremony was concluded this afternoon. This year contained many many things that were new to me though, and here it is:

First thing of course is the new month of the event which is October, instead of the usual month of November. Correct me if I am wrong with this, but since I started this hobby two years ago, it was in the month of November (1st week of November last 2010 and 3rd week of November last year). Last week, one of my friends have posted that he can’t finish it this week due to the demand of his job. And it felt weird on me, since I was thinking that there still a month to finish it though.

Second is the added twist on the rules. No more electronic registration, just show the receipt that you bought it at the specified toy center that was written in the rules. Bootleg control? Hmm… Marketing strategy? Hmm… Anti black market? Hmm.. Anti-SB? Hmm… Anti-KB? Hmm…  Just name it all, but one thing’s for sure: NO RECEIPT = NO ENTRY. As a result, there was a dramatic decline in number of entries, it seemed like a total of 40++ entries this year, unlike those two previous years, we had around 90++ entries.

Spending Christmas in Hong Kong with almost all expenses paid is one of the things that you will grab for sure. But what about changing it to spending Christmas in the land where Gundam was made? Makes you drool much more I guess… And yes, this time the Championship will not take place in Hong Kong, instead, the new place for the Championship will be held in Japan, the land of Gunpla, where it had all began.

Newly built mall and named it from the previous structure. For our regional finals, it was held on the newly built mall, Robinson’s Magnolia, this time it’s quite far from my home though, since I came from the South, hope the inter-connected trains will make it easier to get there.

The last one that was new to me this year is; I don’t have an entry. Yes, I didn't join this year. I was just a mere spectator this time. There were many reasons to say, but it’s just all in all, I am hoping to be back next year.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! Hoping that Philippines will bring home the bacon this year.


Aresteo Saavedra Jr.

Angelo Guibone


Mark Anthony Isaac Bersola

Bryan Mallorca

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